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Important question for people who dream about having their own business but struggle to get started:

If there was a foolproof, step-by-step method for building a business you knew was going to succeed...

Would you finally have the confidence to go “all-in” and become your own boss?

What if I told you that, in just a few short months from now, you could have your own thriving business…

...A business that allows you to call the shots, generate extra income for you and your family, and make a positive impact in your community.

With what I’m about to share with you, you absolutely can.

In just a moment, I’m going to show you a simple, step-by-step system to help you become your own boss… even if you have little savings, little free time, and no business experience.

How great would it feel to be your own boss and finally be in charge of your life?

Imagine it’s a couple of months from now:

You’re sitting at your desk, when you get an email... it’s from one of your new clients, so you eagerly click and start reading.

Good news: they’re absolutely thrilled with the work you did. They’ve been looking for a quality service like yours, and they’re overjoyed they finally found it.

“Consider me a customer for life,” they write. Oh, and they told their friends to try you out too.

As you savor the words, you break into a huge grin. And deep inside, you realize…

You’re living your dream.

All the reasons you wanted to start a business are coming true:

The freedom. The sense of purpose. The giving back. The extra income.

It feels incredible.

I know, because I’ve experienced this exact scenario many times… and let me tell you, it never gets old.


But for all the success I’ve had,
I definitely didn’t start out as a confident entrepreneur.

In the beginning, I had no idea what kind of business to create.

I was working as a loan officer in a bank, completely miserable with my career… I hated the strict hours, the boring, repetitive paperwork, and how impersonal it all felt.

I wasn’t making a difference in anyone’s life… I felt like a “cog in the machine.”

And while I didn’t learn much about banking, I did learn one thing:

I never, ever wanted to work for someone else again.

So after just a year, I quit my soul-crushing bank job and went back to waiting tables.

Career downgrade?

Not for me… it was all part of my plan.

I worked evenings at the restaurant to pay my bills, and during the day I researched business ideas.

My goal was simple: I wanted a business that didn’t require a lot of money – that I could start as a side hustle and grow over time.

So I kept my ear to the ground, and listened to what people around me needed… and you know what I kept hearing over and over?

People were desperate for a reliable, high-quality cleaning service they could trust.

I talked to friends, neighbors, and colleagues and the story was always the same: people these days are too busy, too tired, and too stressed out to clean their own homes… and they'll happily pay someone else to do it for them.

The only problem is, most cleaning companies are unreliable... they often do sloppy work and sometimes don’t even show up!

There was this HUGE unmet need, right in front of my eyes… and that’s when I realized my first business had to be a cleaning business.

5 Reasons Why
A Cleaning Business is the Best Possible Business to Start

It’s no secret... I don’t actually like to clean.

But you know what I do like? Having a simple-to-run, profitable business that improves people’s lives each and every day.

Whether or not you like to clean, here are 5 reasons why a cleaning business is the perfect business to start:

REASON #1. It Doesn’t Take A Lot of Money

Unlike a lot of businesses, starting a cleaning business doesn’t require a big up-front investment.

When I started Clean My Space, all I had was a vacuum cleaner my mom gave me, some supplies, and a few business cards – and that was enough!

Vacuum aside, you can easily get everything you need for under $100. The idea is to start small, pinch pennies, and grow as you save money from your first few jobs.

When you operate “lean and mean” like this, you can easily turn a profit in your first month.

REASON #1. It Doesn’t Take A Lot of Money

When I started out, all I had was a vacuum cleaner
When I started out, all I had was a vacuum cleaner

REASON #2. You Can Do it as a “Side Hustle”

You can start your business today alongside a part-time job or while looking after the kids
You can start your business today alongside a part-time job or while looking after the kids

REASON #2. You Can Do it as a “Side Hustle”

Another great thing about having a cleaning business is how flexible the hours are. You can easily run a cleaning business while holding down a 9-5 job, or while your kids are at school.

When I started Clean My Space, I wasn’t willing to leave my waitressing job straight away… so I cleaned mornings and afternoons, leaving plenty of time to wait tables in the evening.

It only took a few months of “double duty” before I was able to go full time with cleaning and start growing the company... but if you just want to keep your business as a lucrative “side hustle”, you can definitely do that, too.

REASON #3. You Can Have a Big Impact on People’s Lives

Think how a freshly cleaned home makes you feel.

The sparkling countertops… the spotless mirrors… that unmistakable “clean house smell.”

When you walk into a fresh, clean home, stress just seems to melt away. This feeling is exactly what you’re providing your clients: a sense of joy and clarity that only a clean home can provide.

And that service is incredibly valuable... especially these days, when people work long hours and don’t have time to clean on their own.

REASON #3. You Can Have a Big Impact on People’s Lives

Nothing beats having happy and thankful customers
Nothing beats having happy and thankful customers

REASON #4. It’s Recession-Proof

People will always need a high-quality cleaning service
People will always need a high-quality cleaning service

REASON #4. It’s Recession-Proof

During the Great Recession of 2008, when thousands of businesses went under, my company Clean My Space actually grew – by more than 500%!

I was astonished… and that’s when I realized a well-run cleaning business, once established, is practically bullet-proof.

No matter what the economy is doing, people will always need high-quality cleaning services. And if you can be the person to provide it, you will succeed at it.

REASON #5. There’s High Demand for Cleaners Everywhere

No matter where you live, there’s constant demand for high-quality cleaning services... and precious few companies who can supply it.

Cleaning companies are notorious for poor results. Most of them miss spots, break items (or worse), and sometimes fail to even show up.

It’s no surprise people are desperate for a quality cleaning service!

REASON #5. There’s High Demand for Cleaners Everywhere

People everywhere always want a clean, sparkling home
People everywhere always want a clean, sparkling home

Of course, just knowing
what kind of business to start isn’t enough...

To have a cleaning business and be your own boss, you have to take action.

But here’s the reality... many people have “mental hurdles” that hold them back from making much progress.

At first, you’ll probably wonder:

...Will people make fun of me if I start a cleaning business and it doesn’t succeed?

...I’ve never marketed myself before. How will I find customers?

...There are so many details to getting started – where am I supposed to begin?

These questions are perfectly normal. I struggled with all of these issues when I was getting started.

The good news is, they can be managed and overcome. And by shining a light on these fears now, they’ll be much easier to handle when they eventually pop up.

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Which of These Mental Hurdles Are Holding You Back from Starting a Successful Cleaning Business?

You’re Afraid of Failure

When you open your own business, suddenly you’re responsible for your success. And the idea of having that level of responsibility makes you nervous… especially when you go online and realize how many cleaning companies there are in your area.

“The biggest challenge has been believing in myself, and having the courage to quit my job that covers my health insurance.” Michelle M.

“Fear of failure, lack of knowledge about running my own business, and I don't feel I have an adequate knowledge about how to clean everything that I could come across.” Carrie M.

You Don’t Know Where to Get Clients

You know you would do a great job cleaning for your clients… but how do you get those clients in the first place? Do you use Craigslist, go door-to-door, hire someone to advertise for you, or something else?

“I haven’t started yet because I don’t know how to get clients.” — Katie S.

“I'm not sure how to start, and I'm uncertain as to how to market myself." — Kristen M.

You Feel Overwhelmed and Don’t Know Where to Start

There are so many things to figure out when you open a new business. You have a hundred different questions, like: How do I get insurance? How do I train my employees? How do I set my rates?

“I haven’t started because I honestly don’t know where to start. It’s a little intimidating to start something on my own with no guidance.” — Brittney T.

“I wouldn't even know where to begin - how to advertise, what to charge, what is within the scope of what I should do and what is not, etc.” — Dolores G.

If you’re struggling with these questions, you’re not alone. I did too when I was first getting started.

The good news is that you don’t have to tackle all the “unknowns” at one time.

The Power of Tiny Steps

You don’t need to know everything before you start your cleaning business… just enough to move forward today.

I call it the “tiny steps” approach:

Take one step, and see the result. Then take the next step. Then the next.

Pretty soon, those steps add up and turn into real momentum… and the “big questions” don’t seem so overwhelming after all.

That’s exactly how I did it.

When I got started, I had zero experience running a business. I was only 24 years old, with just one year of working in a “real” job.

Not to mention, I knew nothing about how to clean… in fact, I’d been downright bad at cleaning my whole life, and tried to avoid it whenever I could.

(When I was little, my mom would say crossing my messy bedroom floor was like an Olympic event.)

But after the misery of working at the bank, I knew I had to be my own boss, and would never be happy if I wasn’t… so I rolled up my sleeves, slipped on my pink cleaning Crocs, and dove in.

I had to learn everything from scratch – from how to make a bathtub sparkle, to how to get bonded and insured, to how to find employees.

It wasn’t easy.

But I kept at it, learning, trying new things, and taking tiny steps each day.

Bit by bit, my side hustle grew… and surprisingly quickly, it went from just me and a handful of clients to a full-fledged business with multiple full-time employees.

And today, I’m proud to say Clean My Space is one of the top cleaning services in all of Toronto, a city of more than 5 million people.


3 Things You Need to Start a Successful Cleaning Business

It took a lot of work to build Clean My Space into what it is now.

When I started, there were no guides out there on how to build a cleaning business – I had to learn it all myself, from the ground up.

And now, after more than a decade in this industry, I believe success mainly depends on 3 “Success Factors”: Guidance, Community, and Clear Procedures.



Having help from someone who’s “walked the path” before is priceless. For me, that was my Uncle Larry.

Uncle Larry had run his own company before and was one of the most sought-out business consultants in Toronto... so he knew a lot about entrepreneurship. Naturally, he was the first person I told about my idea to start a cleaning company.

And you know what he told me?

That in order to succeed, I would need to do all the cleaning, at least in the beginning. That way, I would know everything about my business, from the ground up.

He was right. And that original piece of advice, along with countless other bits of wisdom, have been an essential part of my success.



Having a supportive community who’s “in the same boat” business-wise can be a complete game-changer. I’ve been a part of many associations over the years, and they’ve all played a huge role in the success of Clean My Space.

One of the groups I am a part of has an annual event where cleaning business owners meet to learn about new products and techniques, attend training sessions, and share what’s working for them.

Having access to such valuable “insider knowledge” allowed me to steadily grow Clean My Space while other cleaners in my area stayed the same size, or even shrank.

That’s why I’m a firm believer in joining with like-minded people you trust to bounce ideas off of… it will reward you in ways you never could have predicted.

Clear Procedures


Ever wonder why cleaning businesses seem to pop up out of nowhere, only to disappear a couple months later?

It’s because for most cleaning businesses, everything is guesswork. They make decisions on a case-by-case basis, so they’re constantly reinventing the wheel.

Instead, think of a company like Starbucks.

The baristas in Small Town, USA, make drinks exactly the same way a barista in London would.

They have guidelines for everything they do... from how to make a caffé mocha, to greeting customers, to wiping down tables, and everything in between.

Their services are standardized.

Standards are the backbone of every healthy business, big or small… they’re what separate “here today, gone tomorrow” cleaning companies from ones that last for decades.

And with the system I’m about to share, you’ll have a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap for starting your own foolproof cleaning company…

One that combines the power of Clear Procedures, Community, and Guidance into a powerful business-building package.


Hi, I’m Melissa Maker

Improving lives through cleaning is my passion.

In 2006, I started Clean My Space in my hometown of Toronto, Canada...

Today we employ dozens of amazing staff and cleaners, and service hundreds of incredible customers throughout the Toronto area – many of them repeat clients who’ve been with us for years.

"I’ve been using Clean My Space for 10 years. They’re a friendly, reliable, responsible, and excellent customer service. I highly recommend them." — David S.

"I have been a client of Clean My Space for over 8 years. They are dependable and their cleaning professionals are excellent." — Sarah G.

I’m also proud to say Clean My Space has won the prestigious Homestars “Best Of” award for cleaning services twice…

We recently won the HomeStars “Best Of” Award for the second time
We recently won the HomeStars “Best Of” Award for the second time

And I was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce in 2013…

I would never have dreamed of winning this award when I started Clean My Space over a decade ago
I would never have dreamed of winning this award when I started Clean My Space over a decade ago

What’s more, Clean My Space has grown beyond just a local business.

With more than a million subscribers and followers across two YouTube channels, Instagram, and Twitter, we’ve become a truly global brand.

1_TDM_YT subscribers_2020@2x

People all over the world follow Clean My Space for our expert cleaning tips

And to think, it all started with just me, a vacuum cleaner, and a few supplies!

Starting a cleaning business has changed my life in so many incredible ways… and after more than a decade in this industry, I was ready to share everything I’d learned.

So I went to work creating a program to help you build your own successful cleaning company...

One that gives you more control over your time, is a great source of extra income, and allows you to impact the lives of people in your community.


I’m thrilled to introduce you to…


The very first step-by-step “business building roadmap” for creating a profitable, simple-to-run cleaning business that’s built to last.

Inside this 16-week course, I take you by the hand and give you everything you’ll need to start your own cleaning business... including the exact guidelines and procedures I use in my own company, every single day.

“The Magic is in the Binder”

When I started Clean My Space, I began creating guidelines and checklists and putting them in a big 3-ring binder from Day 1.

My binder has been my “secret weapon” for creating a successful business
My binder has been my “secret weapon” for creating a successful business

As a business major, I knew having clear company procedures was the key to success. And I knew once Clean My Space started to grow, I could use the binder as my go-to source to answer any question.

Very quickly, the binder became my “secret weapon”... the thing that allowed me to expand faster and smarter than other cleaning services in my city.

Inside The Decision Maker, I show you how to create your own Business Binder, complete with the same “standard operating procedures” I used to build Clean My Space into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

With the Business Binder in hand, you’ll have a go-to reference any time you have to make decisions such as:

  • How do I register my business?
  • How much should I charge my clients?
  • What should I do if I break something at a client’s house?
  • What should I wear when I clean?
  • What’s the best way to get paid?
  • What insurance do I need?

As past students have discovered, when you set up your business this way, you will have laid a solid foundation for sustainable and profitable growth for your cleaning company.

Here’s Just a Small Taste of What You’ll Learn

Over 16 weeks, The Decision Maker walks you through every single step of starting your own profitable cleaning business.

Here’s how it all breaks down, with a new module released every two weeks:

Module 1: Setting the Foundation

  • How to read your customers’ minds... and come up with service packages they’ll love to buy
  • How to easily find clients using the “car test”
  • Meet the woman who has great succes only servicing wealthy clients, and how to copy her system
  • Why having a “business philosophy” instantly puts you above other cleaners in your area
  • The secret of serving your “customer’s customer” (Makes finding and keeping clients simple)
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Module 2: Time, Tools, and Looking the Part

  • How to start your business as a “side hustle” and build it around your schedule... so you never sacrifice peace of mind or overdo it with work
  • What to wear on the job so you look like a pro, but always stay comfortable
  • How to set up a simple, functional office that ensures maximum productivity
  • Learn the critical difference between working in your business and working on your business… and why you should take time for each
  • How to customize your cleaning kit so you’re always prepared (plus a complete “Products and Tools” checklist with the items you’ll need)
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Module 3: Getting Your Ducks in a Row

  • Why, if you want to be really successful, registering your business is a must… plus a guide for registering that’s simple and straightforward
  • 4 safety guidelines to keep you and your workers safe and happy when out on a job
  • Why knowing the numbers behind your business puts you in control – plus the main stats you’ll want to be familiar with
  • Simple rules of thumb that make tax time a breeze… and ensure you’re paying only what’s required
  • A guide for setting up health insurance so you and your employees have peace of mind
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Module 4: Business Basics

  • A simple guideline that tells you exactly how much to charge (Takes the stress out of pricing)
  • How to easily reduce your tax bill by incorporating your operation
  • The number one advantage your small business has (Big companies wish they could do this)
  • How to find the "sweet spot" for cleaning speed and performance… and how to train your employees to know it by heart
  • How to keep your expenses low and your profitability high by getting organized
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Module 5: Attracting and Managing Clients

  • 4 ingenious ways to build buzz for your company (that are practically free)
  • How to ethically “spy” on your competition and learn how they operate... then use what you learn to make your own business better
  • How to "wow" your clients with standout customer service: 4 simple rules
  • My technique for racking up good reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and more
  • How to find “marketing cheerleaders” who will advertise your business free of charge
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Module 6: Selling With Confidence

  • A step-by-step guide for handling new leads: what to say, when to say it, and how to close the deal with confidence
  • 4 ways to turn new customers into the repeat, long-term clients who support your business for years
  • The magic of the upsell, and how to maximize profit from every job
  • Questions to always ask when someone calls in (Guaranteed to boost your “close ratio”)
  • “Red flags” that let you know you’re dealing with a potential trouble client… and how to easily screen them out
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Module 7: Building Your Team

  • How to attract hardworking employees you’ll love to work with (and who help your business grow)
  • The “hiring funnel” that guarantees your new hires will be a great fit for your biz
  • How to create a training program that gets workers up to speed quickly and efficiently
  • Guidelines for pay: learn about fair rates, when to give bonuses, smart policies for tips, and more
  • Simple guidelines for HR that keep your workers happy
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Module 8: Cleaning Best Practices

  • Operating systems to help your biz run like clockwork: we’ll discuss your daily routines, scheduling, customer contracts, and much more
  • How to cultivate a stellar reputation with the art of quality control
  • The “Best Practices Handbook” my staff use for every cleaning job… this easy-to-follow guide will make your work fast, efficient, and high quality
  • What to do when you’ve been thrown a “curveball,” like a job that takes longer than you planned or when something won’t come clean
  • How to handle challenging clients like a pro, so you stay calm and cool in any scenario
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Plus, you’ll also get...

Three Incredible Bonuses
To Help You Build Your Business With Complete Confidence

Bonus #1: The Decision Maker Private Facebook Group

When you’re starting a new business, having a supportive community of people who are “in the same boat” as you makes a huge difference. That’s why I’ve created this exclusive, closed-door Facebook group for all members of The Decision Maker.

Inside the group, you’ll get to hang out with your fellow students and exchange feedback, encouragement, and real-world tips and tactics to grow your business.

  • Connect with other students and share your progress in a safe, judgment-free space
  • Get feedback on your business from other members, so you can grow with confidence
  • Learn what’s working for others, and get new ideas you can use (and profit from)
  • Make friends with people just like you, who are taking their first steps to build a prosperous, professional cleaning business
  • Meet past students of The Decision Maker who have already built successful businesses

Bonus #1: The Decision Maker Private Facebook Group

Connect with other new business owners to get feedback, share progress, and be part of a community of like-minded people
Connect with other new business owners to get feedback, share progress, and be part of a community of like-minded people

Bonus #2: 5 “CleanCast” Audio Sessions

In these sessions, I share my tried and tested methods for setting profit-making prices, marketing your business, and hiring the best staff
In these sessions, I share my tried and tested methods for setting profit-making prices, marketing your business, and hiring the best staff

Bonus #2: 5 “CleanCast” Audio Sessions

As a new business owner, what you need more than anything is specifics – clear, actionable tips and strategies that yield important wins and build momentum.

That’s why I included these CleanCast Audio Sessions, so I could go in-depth on a handful of scenarios you’re likely to face as your business gets up and running.

Inside the 5 audio sessions, we’ll do a deep-dive into topics like:

  • How to choose between charging by the hour and charging a flat rate… and why a third option – “hybrid pricing” – may be the best option of all
  • A simple method for factoring transportation costs like travel time, mileage, and parking into your cleaning prices (This has a surprising impact on your bottom line.)
  • 6 cheap (but highly effective) marketing tips and tricks that give your new business a competitive edge
  • A “crash course” in hiring and managing staff. Inside this extra-detailed session, I spill the beans on the 4 biggest hiring mistakes you can make in a cleaning business, common “relationship flashpoints” that cause stress and strain among staff (and how to avoid them), plus how to keep your emotions in check and be the master of your professional relationships
  • How to build your staff into a happy, cohesive team that enjoys working together and is committed to a single goal: cleaning with love and making your clients overjoyed with your service

Bonus #3: Cleaning Timesheets

The amount of time you spend cleaning has a huge effect on your business. Clean too slowly, and it’ll eat into your profits… clean too quickly, and quality suffers.

To help you know exactly what benchmarks to shoot for, I’m sharing my custom Cleaning Timesheets with all new members who join The Decision Maker.

These timesheets are the same ones my staff at Clean My Space use… and after years of tweaking and perfecting, they’re dialed-in like a fine Swiss watch. I give you specific, to-the-minute benchmarks for how much time to spend cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and common areas, and kitchens.

> The first timesheet gives you a complete 59-Point Checklist for initial cleans and jobs for existing clients.

> While the second timesheet gives you a more comprehensive 101-Point Checklist for clients who need a deeper, more thorough clean (such as when they’re moving into a new home or preparing a home for sale.)

Using the Cleaning Timesheets, you’ll be able to work at peak efficiency… and maximum profitability.

Bonus #3: Cleaning Timesheets

Save time and make more money with my perfected checklists and timesheets
Save time and make more money with my perfected checklists and timesheets


  • The Decision Maker Business Core Content (8 In-Depth Modules)

The very first step-by-step “business building roadmap” for creating a profitable, simple-to-run cleaning business. I take you by the hand and give you everything you’ll need to start your own cleaning business... including the guidelines and procedures my staff and I use at Clean My Space every day.

  • Bonus #1: The Decision Maker Private Facebook Group

Instant access to the closed-door Facebook group for The Decision Maker members, where you can get feedback on your business questions and support from like-minded entrepreneurs committed to the same goal.

  • Bonus #2: 5 “CleanCast” Audio Sessions

4 hours of audio lessons where we go extra-deep on how to build your service into a bullet-proof cleaning business. Inside the CleanCast Sessions, I share dozens of clear, actionable strategies so you can achieve all-important early wins that build unstoppable momentum.

  • Bonus #3: Cleaning Timesheets

Know exactly how much time to spend on cleaning jobs with my two custom 59-Point and 101-Point Cleaning Timesheets (the same ones my own staff use every day). With the Cleaning Timesheets, you’ll have to-the-minute benchmarks for cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and common areas, and kitchens.


The Only Step-by-Step “Blueprint” for Starting Your Own Profitable Cleaning Business… Brought to You by an Expert in the Industry

What I teach you inside The Decision Maker simply cannot be learned anywhere else.

Getting training like this from a business coach could easily cost thousands upon thousands of dollars...

But because most of them haven't built a successful cleaning business from the ground up as I have, even private coaching still wouldn't be as detailed as this course.

This is the training I wish I'd had access to when I was getting started. And if I knew then what I know now, I would have been willing to pay a lot of money for it.

Not only would it have saved me an enormous amount of time and trial-and-error in getting everything off the ground... but it also would have helped me more easily overcome the things that can really set you back if you let them: self-doubt, uncertainty, and fear.

Starting a business is challenging, no matter how you do it...

… And I want to make this program accessible to everyone who’s truly willing to make an investment toward their own future. So I’m offering The Decision Maker now for…

28-Paper effect@2x

Plus, you’ll be backed by…

My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


I want to give you every opportunity to put The Decision Maker training into action today and experience how smooth it can be to start your own cleaning service when you have the right “business blueprint” in place.

That’s why I’m giving you an entire month to go through the first two modules of the course and start taking the first “tiny steps” towards building your own successful cleaning business.

My promise is simple:

If you haven’t made significant progress on your business after 30 days, just email my team at and they’ll issue you a full refund, unconditionally.

Why am I offering this?

Because the systems and strategies I teach inside The Decision Maker are the same ones I use in my own multimillion-dollar business, Clean My Space.

These strategies have made my company incredibly successful… they’ve helped past students start profitable businesses… and I know without a doubt they can work for you, too.


4 Monthly Payments of
$299 (USD)


A One-Time Payment of
$997 (USD)


What Course Members Are Saying

“Since starting the course last year, the cleaning company I created now has 9 part-time employees. We are hitting about 16–17k a month and growing every month.

After one year I have doubled my full-time income from my previous job. I expect this year to continue growing, with the goal being to hit 225k in revenue by the end of this year.

I'm training one of my best cleaners to help in the office as she has office management experience. So grateful for this course and how it springboarded my entire life changing!”

— Stephanie P.

“What stood out to me was when Melissa clearly communicated all the things I desperately wanted when I was cleaning in the past, such as getting paid what my efforts are worth, having structured client and employee policies so everyone knows what to expect and what is expected from them, learning proper cleaning procedures that are effective and duplicatable for consistent results and delighting clients!”

— Naomi C.

“As the owner of a cleaning company for the past eight years, I immediately recognized the value of enrolling in Melissa Maker's inaugural launch of The Decision Maker course. I specifically needed guidance with marketing, hiring and training, and this program didn't disappoint. Chock full of all the content a cleaning business needs to get started, from A to Z, and helpful for those already up and running but wanting to fine tune how they operate to become more successful.

Also being part of the private Facebook Community was a great bonus, with huge value in being able to connect to others and share experiences and knowledge. Overall, I'd give Melissa Maker and The Decision Maker course 10 thumbs up.”

— Janis W.

“I left my corporate career after a long and rewarding journey because the corporate environment changed in most recent years. I had been enjoying the Clean My Space channel on YouTube for a while and loved to learn and watch Melissa's fabulous engaging presentation style! When she offered the 3-day course last Feb. I jumped right in and KNEW for sure I had found my new path and signed up for her 8-week course!

Every step of the way she was so reassuring and encouraging and became a true cheerleader in every sense of the word. The ENTIRE program is so in-depth and manageable to maverick through. Before I knew it I ... was ready to own the world. Melissa really prepared me for the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Her program built a very strong foundation for my business acumen. I feel very proud to let my clients know that I am not just a pop-up shop cleaning company and that I invested in me, and in turn, I am able to provide cleaning services through Melissa's fantastic educational process...

...Melissa's course has changed my life and I am super excited to see where the next level of success will take me – I use Melissa's daily affirmations each day and I am seeing the universe delivering my rewards!

Thank you, Melissa, and your entire fantastic support staff for a job well done... I salute YOU!”

— Melissa G.

"What an incredible, easy, go-at-your-own pace, course! Thank you for creating the "Decision Maker" course… It was amazing. You and your team have gone over everything both cleaning and business. This is such a powerful course because as someone who did not attend college you gave me a lesson on running a business and how to be more professional in regular day to day life. The amount of information you put into the course is pleasantly constructed from small baby steps and grows into what you'll need to look at and accomplish for your cleaning business to grow bigger…

...All bases were covered. It made me see that this is something I will be able to accomplish as a side hustle and hopefully quickly have it become a solid full-time business... I myself do enjoy cleaning and making people's homes sparkle, to give them something enjoyable and fresh to come home to after a long day of work. Without this course, I am not sure I would have had the confidence to proceed.

Thank you again, Melissa Maker, and your awesome team!!”

— Jessica N.


Questions & Answers

Have other students had success in building businesses by going through this course, even without prior experience?

Yes! Existing members of the course have done amazingly well, even without a background in business.

  • One student, Kate, had never owned any kind of business, and she was working full-time in a demanding field. In just a few months, she has been able to get her cleaning business started on the side and is already earning recurring revenue from a regular client.
  • Another student, Stephanie, also had no prior experience, and has built her business while working part-time elsewhere. She now has a growing base of regular clients, nine part-time employees, and is earning twice her previous full-time salary.
  • Selena had experience in retail management, but after going through a divorce she started cleaning for a living back in her hometown. She’s moving through the course at her own speed (lifetime access comes in handy!), and has already established a solid business with enough recurring clients and new referrals to support herself.

Those are just three little “snapshots” of student success stories from the first group of students in The Decision Maker.

And these people, like the rest of the students in the course, are continuing to write these success stories even today as their businesses continue to grow, while following the action steps laid out for them inside The Decision Maker.

I’m a little nervous about jumping in… are you sure I can do this?

This is a really important question.

I’ll be honest with you: there’s going to be a lot of things I ask you to learn and implement inside The Decision Maker. But as long as you’re willing to invest a few hours each week and reach out for help when you’re feeling stuck, you absolutely can do this.

Nothing of value comes without work. And the only way to create a business that stands the test of time is to invest the effort up front.

If you have a strong desire to build your own business, you’ll be ready to do the work required to get there.

So this is my promise to you:

With The Decision Maker, you’ll never feel like you’re wasting time or energy, and every task, lesson, and assignment will move you closer to having your own successful cleaning business and all the incredible rewards it provides.

I want to do this, but my schedule is already super busy. How many hours will I need each week to see results?

The Decision Maker is a self-paced program, so you can put in as many or as few hours as your schedule allows.

A general guideline would be 45 minutes per week watching the video lessons, and another 4-5 hours putting them into action.

But as you’ll find, The Decision Maker is designed for rapid implementation.

And as you stack up the wins and take real, concrete steps towards opening your business, you’ll want to keep going and will actually look forward to going through the lessons and activities each week.

Because, as you’ll see, starting a business can be fun when you know exactly what you need to do to get amazing results without any wasted effort.

How much money will it take to get started?

Not very much! As long as you have enough for basic cleaning supplies, a cell phone, and a way to get to your clients’ homes, that’s enough to start.

I estimate start-up costs to be around a hundred dollars, aside from the cost of a vacuum cleaner (which you may already have).

The idea is to start small, pinch pennies, and grow your business as you save money from your first few jobs – no big up-front investment required.

Will I need to do the cleaning myself?

With The Decision Maker, you can make your business as big or as small as you want. If you’re not a fan of cleaning (like me) I’ll show you how to hire hardworking employees who do the day-to-day cleaning work.

In the beginning, you definitely should learn how to clean, however… knowing your business from the ground up allows you to grow smarter than people who “just manage” their cleaning business.

So I’ll show you how to clean better, faster, and more profitably, so you can service more clients and make more money…Then, if you want, you can use those profits to hire staff and expand your business down the line.

I’ve already read some books on starting a cleaning business. How is this any different?

What I teach you inside The Decision Maker goes far beyond any book or course that’s out there now.

The Decision Maker isn’t based on theory… it’s modeled on exactly what I did to start my own highly successful business, Clean My Space, and the principles and procedures I still use each and every day.

I go super deep on the small but important details other resources leave out. There’s no fluff – just specific action steps to get your cleaning business up and running and generating income for you as soon as possible.

I’ve never started a business before. Will The Decision Maker be too advanced for me?

Absolutely not!

If you’re willing to follow what I teach you, it doesn’t matter how much or how little business experience you have.

In fact, successful students from my first group inside the course came from all levels of experience; some had never had a business before, and some had been cleaning professionally for several years before joining the course.

Thankfully, the lessons inside The Decision Maker make no assumptions about your experience level, and map out the entire business-building process from A to Z.

Whether you’re brand new to the business world or already run a cleaning service and want help making it more profitable, your willingness to stay the course, trust the process, and ask questions as you move forward is the key to success.

I already have a cleaning business, but could this program help me improve it?

Definitely. The Decision Maker covers a wide range of actionable tips and techniques that will be highly useful even to those who already have a business off the ground.

Inside the course, you’ll have access to exclusive information on how to find new clients, make your brand unforgettable, hire hard-working employees, and manage a business in general – so there’s a lot to learn outside of getting things up and running.

With my help inside the course, you can expand your existing business, increase your revenue, and create effective business practices that make it easy to scale.

How long do I have access to the course?

When you join The Decision Maker, you get lifetime access to all training and course materials. That includes:

  • The 8 core training modules with 35 in-depth video lessons
  • Bonus #1: Membership in The Decision Maker Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus #2: The CleanCast Audio Lessons (4+ hours of extra training)
  • Bonus #3: The Cleaning Timesheets
  • And more...

Enroll today, and you’ll get to enjoy all The Decision Maker lessons and bonuses forever.

What if I don’t like the course? Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! You have 30 full days to try The Decision Maker and decide if it’s right for you.

If you're not completely satisfied with The Decision Maker, simply email me within 30 days and I’ll refund the entire purchase price, unconditionally.


Still thinking about it?

If you aren’t sure yet, that’s OK. Let’s take a closer look at whether The Decision Maker is right for you. 

Here’s a list of ways to know if the course could be a good fit for you and your goals:

You’ve always wanted to be your own boss and have the freedom to be in control of your earning potential and time. You crave the flexibility to spend time with your family and make it to all your kids’ ballet recitals and soccer games… And you want the financial stability to finally be able to book that vacation or buy the house of your dreams 

You realize that a cleaning business is the best option for starting your own company because it doesn’t require a lot of experience or money up front (all you need is a vacuum, reliable transportation, and some cleaning supplies) and there’s always high demand for quality cleaning services – even in a weak economy

You want to do work that is meaningful and has a real impact on the people in your community, and you recognize that, with a cleaning business, you’ll be able to see the difference you’re making in your clients’ lives by giving them the peace of mind that only a clean space can provide

You’re willing to put in the work to build a successful cleaning company. In fact, you enjoy working hard as long as you know that your effort will help you reach your goals. This includes being willing to roll up your sleeves and do the cleaning yourself – at least at the beginning – because knowing your business from the ground up is essential to building a company that lasts

You’re ready to take the first step toward making your dreams a reality, and you want a clear, strategic roadmap to guide you and make sure every ounce of effort moves you forward into the career and a life that you want

If that sounds like you… I hope you join The Decision Maker and start taking advantage of the detailed roadmap it provides.


So, now that the roadmap for success is in front of you…

I’m incredibly excited for you...

Because right now, you have the chance to experience something very few people ever do:

Owning your own business.

Owning a cleaning company changed everything for me.

I went from an unsatisfying office job to owning a thriving company with amazing employees, happy clients, and the ability to make a positive impact in my community.

And I’d love nothing more than to help you experience that yourself.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a cleaning business – or if you have a cleaning business already but want to make it more profitable – you owe it to yourself to try The Decision Maker and see what being your own boss feels like.

Accept my invitation, and I promise these next 16 weeks will be completely life changing for you and your family.

You’re ready for this… and I can’t wait to see you inside the course!

To your success,
Melissa Maker

A note about my testimonials: many graduates of The Decision Maker have experienced amazing results and created hugely successful cleaning businesses using the tools provided by the course. As with any type of training, students' results will vary depending on a range of factors – including prior knowledge, personal skills, and the time and effort you put into implementing the material outside of the lessons, among many others. Because of this variability, I can't guarantee specific results or income levels. But my course will provide you with the same detailed roadmap many students have used to great success. I'm sharing some of their stories to help you imagine the possibilities that could await when you take the first step, join my course, and work hard putting what you learn into action for your business.